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Kyoto, Japan. Souvenir Shopping Snapshot: Browsing Kiyomizu pottery

Kyoto, Japan. Souvenir Shopping Snapshot:  Browsing Kiyomizu pottery

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Kiyomizu is a great area to shop for traditional Kyoto artisan goods— you may have read about the great textile pouches we found in our last post here.  But there are lots of other great artisans in the Kiyomizu area worth exploring.

kiyomizo pottery shopping in kyoto

Kiyomizu Pottery in Kiyomizu

Kiyomizu pottery, as you might guess from the name, actually originated in the streets surrounding the Kiyomizu temple.  Although most of the potters have since moved to the Yamashina area, there are still a few traditional potters remaining in Kiyomizu, as well as many shops that carry their wares.

kiyomizu pottery shopping kyoto japan

The pottery dates back from 5th century Japan and is known for its intricate designs, predominated by a palette of blues, yellows and greens. It’s also known for its durability, which makes it pack-friendly.

kiyomizu pottery shopping Kyoto Japan

For a bargain find, look out for bins of imperfects as you make your way up the steep hill.

Have you every shopped in the Kiyomizu area?  Share your tips in the comments below!

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