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Guide to Souvenir shopping for made in Japan Kimonos and Yukatas: what to buy

Made in Japan Kimonos, Yukatas or bathrobes–what’s the difference? If you browse the Japan travel forum of well-known website you’ll find plenty of questions from would-be visitors looking for the perfect Japanese souvenir, asking questions like, “where can I find a reasonably priced, easy-care kimono to lounge around in?” (more…)

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The Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping– Why I Love Shopping in Japan

What did we say at every cash register in Japan? “Yes, gift please.” Linds and I quickly learned that uttering these three magic words at any Japanese shop meant the difference between a nicely packaged purchase and a spectacularly packaged purchase. This Japanese attention to presentation and service has deep roots in Japanese culture– anything […]

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Japan Kyoto silk pouch lucky cat from craft shop in Arashiyama souvnir shopping

Kyoto, Arashiyama, Japan. A trifecta of scenery, sights and shopping.

Made in Japan Souvenirs– the perfect way to remember a perfect day trip to Arashiyama Arashiyama is a mountainous village on the outskirts of Kyoto, and is a perfect day trip out of the city, hitting the trifecta of scenery, sights and shopping. Great scenery?  Bamboo Grove, mountains, river, bridges. Check. Great sites?  Temples, monkey […]

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