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Best 30 Photos Opps and Places to Instagram Yourself in New York City

There are lots of articles written about the best and top Instagrammable photo spots in New York City– I know, I’ve googled them all. But all of these articles pretty much show the exact same expected photo locations, featuring an iconic New York City landmark, building or bridge. The Best Instagrammable New York City photo […]

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Economy Candy: Photo Tour of a Real Old School New York City Shop

New York’s Lower East Side used to be the spot for shopping, with vendors in business for generations. Most of those shops are now shuttered, replaced by condos, real estate offices and fancy children’s boutiques. I’d hoped to write about a famous New York pickle shop in the neighborhood, but alas learned I was too […]

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Brooklyn Blackout Cake: the Best NYC Dessert that was Almost Forgotten

Most of my favorite New York City souvenirs are food souvenirs– I’ve already covered black and whites, my favorite bagels and Levain’s cookies. Today I’m going to add to that list by revealing my neighborhood secret place with a dessert wholly exclusive to New York. This dessert is so delicious that I often avert my […]

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While the majority of the jukebox is dedicated to Sinatra, you'll find other crooners mixed in with some more recent additions.

My Hoboken: Finding Sinatra and the last of Italian American Culture

Sinatra’s Hoboken, My Hoboken Cynics be damned, I love the music of Frank Sinatra. Play me a song and I’ll start swaying, lost in Sinatra’s world of eternal optimism, where romance is carefree and easy, and flying to the moon or taking off into the blue is as simple as picking the right tune. When […]

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