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My Skyroam solis working hard at a cafe in the Marais in Paris.

The Best (and Worst!) Holiday Gifts for Travelers 2017

I wasn’t planning on writing a traveler holiday gift guide this year, but after seeing so many ridiculous traveler gift guides in splashy magazines I figured I may as well put in my two cents. My list of recommended gifts isn’t huge and is somewhat random, but they are all at least my personal recommendations— […]

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Review: Best Women’s Winter Travel and Puffer Coats for Cold Weather Vacations, Tried and Tested

I somehow end up traveling to Europe a lot in the winter, so I’ve become quite the expert on reviewing the best women’s winter travel and puffer coats (which have to be stylish, slim, warm and packable). There’s no Paris in the springtime for me, no wearing flowers in my hair for Sweden’s summer solstice, […]

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Best Winter Travel Shoes, Sneakers, Boots Reviewed–Comfortable, Stylish, Cute

I am forever seeking out the best, most comfortable but still chic winter travel shoes. For me, the perfect travel shoe isn’t single purpose, something you tuck away until it’s time to pack your suitcase– it should be the perfect shoe to wear anytime and anywhere. My travel shoes, sneakers and boots need to take […]

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best stylish summer travel dresses

Best 15 Cute and Stylish Travel Dresses for Summer, Tried, Tested and Reviewed

Summer travel dresses– are they a good idea or an unnecessary gimmick? I recently decided to find out and tried, tested and reviewed a dozen of the best travel dresses out there, scroll down for results! In my reviews, I decided to stick with dresses, as they are my favorite thing to wear in the […]

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Women’s Packing List for London and Paris Spring/Summer Travels

Figuring out a packing list for spring and early summer travels in Europe can be tricky– temperatures can vary so greatly you may not be sure what to wear and can easily result in that dreaded over packing. I am obsessive about packing light (more room for souvenirs!) so I keep my packing list for […]

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What to Pack: Resort Wear and Cute Beach Dresses for a Caribbean Vacation

For a long weekend in the Caribbean, I refuse to pack anything that won’t fit into carry on travel bag. I imagine as soon as I step foot on the island I’ll slough off my city girl cloak and my true inner boho will emerge. My boho self would wander barefoot, content with a single […]

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