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The Best Souvenirs from Rwanda: Handwoven Masterpieces from a Local Villager

One day I hope to see Africa, but until then I’ll have to make do with poring over the gorgeous photos and travelogues of my favorite writers. Leave Your Daily Hell’s Robert Schrader recently returned from Rwanda, home of towering volcanoes, mountain gorillas– and amazing local artisans. Read all about Robert’s Rwanda visit and see […]

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South African Souvenirs: Colorful Beaded Jewelry

Deep in the Blombos cave on the South African coastline, archeologists recently uncovered evidence of the world’s oldest jewelery– beaded shells dating back 75,000 years. For those who can’t conceptualize how far back 75,000 years actually is, let me put in perspective for you– that’s the Stone Ages. Not only have inhabitants of South Africa […]

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