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Shopping Bangkok’s Chinatown Market for Souvenirs

If you haven’t had enough of Bangkok’s spectacular markets (see my two posts on Chatuchak here and here), consider visiting a slightly different Thai market– in Bangkok’s Chinatown. While it might not seem obvious to visit Chinatown in Thailand, Chinatown is very much a part of the local Thai culture. I’ve visited Chinatowns in New […]

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souvenir india Silk Elephant Painting

Udaipur, India: Souvenir Shopping Miniature Silk Elephant Paintings

A Reader Shares her Favorite Souvenirs Shopping from Udaipur, India I love when readers share their favorite souvenirs from their travels, especially when it’s a place I haven’t had a chance to visit yet. While I still haven’t made it to India, a reader shared some gorgeous souvenirs, mini silk paintings of elephants, while visiting Udaipur, […]

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Japan lucky cat souvenir beckoning

My Favorite Good Luck Souvenir: Japan’s Maneki-Neko “Lucky” Cat

As I’ve said many times here before, I can’t resist any souvenir that brings good luck. I’ve collected many lucky souvenirs over my travels, but my favorite symbol of good luck is the Maneki-neko cat from Japan. The maneki-neko (‘beckoning cat’) is a popular Japanese lucky charm, originating in the Edo period. The Maneki-neko cat […]

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Shopping for Kawaii Souvenirs, the Japanese Culture of Cute

In Japan, there is a culture of cute known as “kawaii” (critical note: the “i” is pronounced like “Hawaii” not “Kauai”–which means the opposite of cute– dreadful. Trust me once you make this mistake once your Japanese friends will never let you live it down). Symbols of kawaii are absolutely everywhere in Japan. While you would […]

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