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Top 42 Best Souvenirs and Gifts from Mexico to Bring Home

It’s not surprising that Mexico is by far the most popular international destination for American tourists. It has everything an American tourist could want– sandy beaches, lush jungles, colorful villages, cultural attractions, delicious food, local artisan shopping and authentic souvenirs and gifts– all within easy proximity to the United States. Considering how popular Mexico is […]

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best mexican mezcal souvenir

Artisan Mexican Mezcal and a Tasty Worm

Everyone knows Mexico is famous for tequila, but have you heard of Mezcal? I hadn’t, but I quickly learned that while all tequila is mezcal, mezcal is not necessarily tequila. Confused? I was, but this wiki article sheds some light on the difference for those who want an in-depth explanation. The short version: while both […]

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