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While the majority of the jukebox is dedicated to Sinatra, you'll find other crooners mixed in with some more recent additions.

My Hoboken: Finding Sinatra and the last of Italian American Culture

Sinatra’s Hoboken, My Hoboken Cynics be damned, I love the music of Frank Sinatra. Play me a song and I’ll start swaying, lost in Sinatra’s world of eternal optimism, where romance is carefree and easy, and flying to the moon or taking off into the blue is as simple as picking the right tune. When […]

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raritan canal lambertville

Lambertville: Shopping, Biking and Snacking along the Delaware River

I love taking day trips from my home city of New York. When deciding which town to explore, distance from New York is key– I prefer to keep day trips to under a two-hour drive, otherwise it’s more of a weekend trip. My perfect day trip spot has interesting shops to browse, a homey spot […]

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golden unicorn

The Golden Nugget Flea Market– Great Finds and a Short Drive from NYC

Review of the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market in Lambertville New Jersey After a year of reviewing fun souvenirs, we are finally getting to our first flea market review. I love a good flea market– especially one that lets me get out of New York City for the day. The Golden Nugget Flea Market in […]

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Cake boss carlos bakery

Love Cake Boss? Carlo’s Bake Shop– an Easy Visit from NYC (with tasty souvenirs!)

The Cake Boss and Carlo’s Bake Shop: just my neighborhood bakery Carlo’s Bake Shop– yes that bakery, the one featured on the wildly popular reality show, Cake Boss— was once my neighborhood bakery, back when I lived in a quaint Hoboken townhouse just a few blocks from Frank Sinatra’s birthplace. I loved living in my […]

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