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Why I Never Buy Sunscreen in the US

European Sunscreen– the Most Useful Souvenir? Sunscreen is bulky, messy, and not particularly interesting, so you may be wondering why I would suggest picking up some tubes on your next vacation outside the US. It’s simple– the sunscreens available in Europe, Japan, Australia and many other parts of the world blow our sunscreen away. Foreign […]

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Trinity College Library / Dublin / CC BY-ND 2.0

Shopping Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland: Have you ever bought an aspirational souvenir?

When I visited Dublin’s Trinity College I was feeling pretty inspired.  Exploring the idyllic campus and watching the students walk to class, I was nostalgic for my own university days. Of course, in my rose-tinted memories, there are no stressful exams or papers to write, instead I imagine myself sitting on the quad, leisurely reading […]

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Shopping Avoca in Dublin– Candy-colored woolens from one of the world’s oldest mills

If you think that Irish woolens are all about natural hues like the classic Aran fisherman’s sweater, then you haven’t been to Avoca. Like an Anthropologie on steroids, Avoca has fabulous homespun designs in a slew of irresistible candy colors– except you won’t find anything made in China here. Avoca is one of the world’s […]

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