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Shopping Dublin Supermarkets for fun Irish food Souvenirs

Shopping Dublin Supermarkets for fun Irish food Souvenirs

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Supermarkets are one of my favorite souvenir shopping stops for inexpensive and unique gift items that won’t take up space when you get home.  I checked out two different Dublin supermarkets for the best in Irish food souvenirs– a standard grocery store and a higher end, gourmet market.

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket dunnesIrish food souvenir shopping at Dunnes

I first hit Dunnes, a typical supermarket where Dublin locals shop for day-to-day items.  I was on the hunt for typical Irish food items, the kinds of things you can only find in Ireland that aren’t usually exported elsewhere.

1.  Irish Chocolate

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket cadburyOne of the first things I noticed was an entire aisle devoted to Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars.  Yes, I know that Cadbury is an international company (now owned by Kraft), but the Cadbury chocolate you’ll find in Ireland is different from the Cadbury chocolate you’ll find in the US or even in the UK.

Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk advertises that it’s made with 100% local Irish milk, that is, real liquid milk and not milk solids.  I’m not sure what it is about Irish Dairy Milk that makes it so delicious, but I grabbed a handful of these chocolate bars so I could contemplate it further.

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket cadbury chocolate

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket lily chocolate

Dunnes also stocks other smaller, local chocolate companies, like Lily O’Brien’s

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket butlers chocolate

You’ll find free-standing Butlers shops all around Dublin, and if you miss them there you can always pick up nicely packaged souvenir friendly boxes at the airport. I picked up a few boxes to bring back as gifts for coworkers.

Don’t miss these tasty, traditional Irish teacakes from Tunnock’s.

2. Irish Flapjacks


Irish flapjacks are nothing like American flapjacks, which is just another name for pancakes. Irish flapjacks are just a few ingredients– oats, sweetener and some butter– bound together in a tasty oat bar. I have no idea how something so simple can be so ridiculously delicious, but I find it hard to control myself around these flapjacks.

3. Irish Bread Mixes

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket white soda breadI was intrigued by other Irish food items like these instant white soda bread and brown bread mixes, but decided they were too heavy and powdery to bring back.

souvenir shopping dublin grocery supermarket white soda bread

4. Ballymaloe Tomato Relish

One Irish food souvenir I meant to pick up but completely forgot about was Ballymaloe tomato relish.  I think it’s supposed to be similar to ketchup, but chunkier and a lot more flavorful.

souvenir shopping fallon byrne dublinIrish food souvenir shopping at a Fancy Grocery Store (Fallon and Byrne)

My next shopping stop on my search for Irish food souvenirs was a well-known gourmet grocery store, Fallon and Byrne.

souvenir shopping fallon byrne dublinThe best part of Fallon and Byrne were the heaps of gorgeous produce that could rival any farmer’s market.

souvenir shopping fallon byrne dublin strawberriesThese Irish strawberries might be great to pick up for a snack or picnic, but they aren’t very souvenir friendly.

Irish brown bread Dublin souvenirShop for perishables like this Irish soda bread on your last day.

Irish chocolate souvenirFallon and Byrne had a few other Irish food items like these locally made chocolates by Lorne.

Irish cheese souvenir local Irish cheese souvenirYour best bet at Fallon and Byrne is their incredible selection of local Irish cheese. The cheesemonger here was extremely knowledgable and helpful so don’t hesitate to ask questions or to ask for samples.

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Did we miss any of your favorite Irish food souvenirs?  Share in the comments below!

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Tuesday 13th of April 2021

Penguins! Also an addictive chocolate bar!

Kristin Francis

Thursday 15th of April 2021

Oh I feel like I've seen them, I'll have to give them a try!


Monday 5th of February 2018

Yep, they are! Just finished the last of the Christmas stash today with a nice cup of Lyons tea!

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Tunnocks tea cakes are Scottish are they not lol?

Kristin Francis

Thursday 28th of July 2016

are they? thanks for the tip!


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

Thanks for the tip about Fallon and Byrne. Coincidentally, I was on my way to Avoca (LOL) and stumbled across this very store. I remembered it from your post and decided to eat there for lunch. I had a fantastic salad made of watermelon, feta, pumpkin seeds with a tarragon yogurt dressing. Refreshing and delicious! I also had their seafood platter which was good, but not nearly as good as Avoca's, in my opinion. :) I also picked up two bottles of spicy locally-made chimichurri sauce for my mom and hubby as gifts.


Friday 8th of November 2013

Tripping Blonde, thanks for commenting! Irish Cadburys are delicious! Honestly I could not get into the black pudding and blood sausage-- not my thing.