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Shopping a Hungarian Supermarket (When You Don’t Speak Hungarian)

Hungarian Supermarket Shopping: Lost in Translation I loved shopping the Hungarian supermarket for souvenirs– the packaging, flavors and type of items were all so different looking than anything I’d seen in other European countries. But while being unable to read foreign labels can be a fun adventure, full of surprises, it’s also a risk. Sure […]

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Souvenir Shopping an Australian Supermarket

You may have noticed that a very large continent is missing here on Souvenir Finder. Sadly, I have yet to visit Australia, and this category has been missing from this website. Until today. After some gentle harassing begging, fellow travel writer and Australia native Sharon Gourlay of Where’s Sharon agreed to help us with our […]

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Best French Supermarket Souvenirs From Monoprix

Top 31 French Supermarket Souvenirs to Buy at Monoprix

Monoprix: Cheap Souvenirs in the Heart of Paris, France I’ve been hearing about the wonders of Monoprix in France long before I started this website. Everyone from fashion editors to in-the-know travelers raved about scouring Monoprix for downright cheap inexpensive French souvenirs. But while the bargains are fun, I wanted to see a Monoprix mostly […]

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DIY cheap frugal souvenir gifts

DIY Tips on How to Make your Frugal Supermarket Souvenirs Gift-Worthy

Our DIY Guide to Making your own Frugal Gifts with Souvenirs from Foreign Supermarkets I love shopping foreign supermarkets for souvenirs to bring back home. Who can resist the aisles packed with colorful jars of jam, cookie boxes and candy bars, with flavors I’ve never heard of and sometimes in languages I can’t understand. The […]

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How to Shop any Foreign Supermarket for Souvenirs

Shopping for souvenirs when you travel abroad doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.  Whether you need to buy a few gifts for those back home or just want to pick up something unique for yourself, you can buy everything you need at the local supermarket. Supermarket goods are priced for locals, not tourists– so […]

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