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Shop Swedish Food Souvenirs at the Supermarket in Stockholm

As one of Europe’s pricier destinations, Sweden can be a tough place to find souvenir bargains. While I always make a point to check out foreign supermarkets when I travel, in spendy places like Stockholm, the local supermarkets can be a great resource for the thrifty shopper. Fortunately, well-stocked Swedish supermarkets aren’t hard to find […]

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British Food Souvenirs from the Supermarket (Tesco Editon)

Where I live in New York City, the shelves of my local supermarket are well-stocked with British food imports. I don’t need to book a flight to pick up Marmite, Heinz salad cream or HP brown sauce. My corner store even stocks my favorite British candy bars. Given the wide availability of British grocery items, […]

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Shop a Vienna Supermarket for Fun Austrian Food Souvenirs

When in Vienna, I always make sure to visit a supermarket to pick up some of my favorite Austrian items that aren’t available in the States.  On my last trip, I checked out two typical Austrian supermarket chains, Billa and Spar. While in many cities you’ll have to trek to the outskirts to find a […]

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