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Best Japanese Souvenirs to Buy at Asakusa Market in Tokyo

If you are visiting Tokyo on a short trip and need one-stop shopping for Japanese souvenirs, Asakusa market is the place to go. For one, Asakusa is not just a shopping destination– it’s also home to Tokyo’s oldest shrine, Sensoji, which is absolutely worth a visit in its own right. Second, by shopping the centuries […]

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Crazy Shopping and Cosplay in Tokyo’s Harajuku District

Before I visited Japan, I imagined the entire country to be filled with crazy fashions and cosplay, maid cafes and trendsetters. On arrival in Tokyo I quickly learned this was not the case. Salary men in near identical suits and briefcases walked the streets at a clipped pace. Elegantly but somewhat conservatively dressed women were […]

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The Best Japanese Experiences and Souvenirs (Part II)

Japan is one of my favorite countries– for both otherworldly experiences and for the fantastic souvenirs to bring home. Read more about what makes Japan such a unique destination to experience, along with my first twelve favorite Japanese souvenirs, in part one of this post, Best 25 Japanese Experiences and Souvenirs around Tokyo (Kanto) Part […]

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Best 27 Japanese Souvenirs and Experiences Around Tokyo (Kanto) Part I

Because there are so many fantastic Japanese souvenirs and experiences, this post will come in two parts, this is part I. In Japan, the magic is in the subtlety. Other destinations might be more obvious, with their swaying palms, exotic cuisine or chaotic crowds. But after a while you come to know what to expect, […]

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