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My Favorite NYC Bagels (and Why You Shouldn’t Fall for the Birthday Cake Bagel)

New York City bagels– sure you’ve heard that they’re “the best” and may have even planned to try one on your visit to the city. But really, how good are they? Good enough to lug a sack full back to your hometown, where you probably have your own favorite local bagel shop? Yes. If you […]

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An Eloise Experience at the Plaza: Afternoon Tea and Shopping

“I am a city child. I live at the Plaza.” So says the pint-size heroine of one of the greatest children’s books ever written, Eloise at the Plaza. The Plaza of course is the famed Plaza hotel in New York, where Eloise takes up residence in the room on the “tippity-top floor.”   Eloise lives […]

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Levain Bakery: the Best Cookies in New York City (and maybe the World)

I was going to write a long wrap up of the best cookies in New York City, visiting each of the “top” cookie bakeries, and offering my review. But then I figured why bother– there is already one clear winner. One cookie shop has been my favorite for years, my go-to spot for hostess gifts […]

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One Mix at One World Trade Center: Bring home a Signature Cocktail from the Highest Bar in the Western Hemisphere

Yesterday I zipped up the 47 second elevator ride in the futuristic-sounding sky pods to the newly opened observatory on the 101st floor of One World Trade Center. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that before taking in the 360 views that surrounded me, I headed straight for One World Trade’s new bar called One […]

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Visiting Saratoga Springs: A Weekend of Springs, Farmers’ Markets and Horses

In all these years of plotting weekend escapes from New York City, I had somehow missed visiting Saratoga Springs, New York. Of course I had heard of Saratoga’s famous racetrack, but as someone who is a bigger fan of the parties and pomp and circumstance than of the races themselves, I’d never made the trip […]

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