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South African Souvenirs: Colorful Beaded Jewelry

Deep in the Blombos cave on the South African coastline, archeologists recently uncovered evidence of the world’s oldest jewelery– beaded shells dating back 75,000 years. For those who can’t conceptualize how far back 75,000 years actually is, let me put in perspective for you– that’s the Stone Ages. Not only have inhabitants of South Africa […]

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tokyo banana souvenir twinkie

Tokyo Banana: bring home the Japanese version of a Twinkie

Tokyo Banana– an irresistible Tokyo Souvenir When passing through Tokyo station, you can’t miss the Tokyo Banana shops– the super-cute, bright yellow shop fronts are designed to attract attention. During rush hour, you’ll even see long lines of locals queuing up for these baked banana treats. Although I was ready to stockpile the bananas for […]

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yukata party

Guide to Souvenir shopping for made in Japan Kimonos and Yukatas: what to buy

Made in Japan Kimonos, Yukatas or bathrobes–what’s the difference? If you browse the Japan travel forum of well-known website you’ll find plenty of questions from would-be visitors looking for the perfect Japanese souvenir, asking questions like, “where can I find a reasonably priced, easy-care kimono to lounge around in?” (more…)

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Sannenzaka Ninenzaka Shopping Street Ancient

Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka: Don’t slip on this Imperial era shopping street or you’ll be dead in 2 to 3 years.

Most of Kyoto looks like an average Japanese city, filled with modern, concrete buildings tied together by jumbles of telephone wires. So it wasn’t exactly a shock when we stepped off the train from Tokyo to a scene like this, just a regular day with people going about their business, like any other city. But […]

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