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Fisherman’s Wharf: San Francisco Sourdough Bread from Boudin Bakery

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco: the Best Attractions and Souvenirs Fisherman’s Wharf is the Times Square of San Francisco– you know it’s a complete tourist trap, but you still feel compelled to visit anyway. Walking past the never-ending stream of chain stores, restaurants and wax museums can make you feel like you’re in a giant outdoors […]

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candian food souvenir

Souvenir Shop a Canadian Supermarket

Hello everyone. This is your friendly Canadian neighbor Alouise from the Great White North, eh. You might wonder why there’s a Canadian installment in the supermarket souvenirs post here on Souvenir Finder. When you walk into a Canadian supermarket (or grocery store) you might think it looks like things you can get at home, but […]

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Shop Swedish Food Souvenirs at the Supermarket in Stockholm

As one of Europe’s pricier destinations, Sweden can be a tough place to find souvenir bargains. While I always make a point to check out foreign supermarkets when I travel, in spendy places like Stockholm, the local supermarkets can be a great resource for the thrifty shopper. Fortunately, well-stocked Swedish supermarkets aren’t hard to find […]

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Cake boss carlos bakery

Love Cake Boss? Carlo’s Bake Shop– an Easy Visit from NYC (with tasty souvenirs!)

The Cake Boss and Carlo’s Bake Shop: just my neighborhood bakery Carlo’s Bake Shop– yes that bakery, the one featured on the wildly popular reality show, Cake Boss— was once my neighborhood bakery, back when I lived in a quaint Hoboken townhouse just a few blocks from Frank Sinatra’s birthplace. I loved living in my […]

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An Easy Hungarian Goulash recipe with Paprika Souvenirs from Budapest

Souvenir Shop for Hungarian Paprika in Budapest, then use your paprika to make an Easy Hungarian Goulash recipe Paprika is an ideal Hungarian souvenir— it’s cheap, available everywhere and weighs next to nothing, making it a cinch to toss in your suitcase. Think you can get paprika back home? (If you’re here just looking for […]

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