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Souvenir Shopping Stockholm, Sweden: Let there be Light with Cozy Candlesticks

Souvenir Shopping Stockholm, Sweden: Let there be Light with Cozy Candlesticks

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The Best Swedish Souvenirs: Cozy Candles and Candlesticks to Warm up Long Winter Nights

gamla stan stockholm street night

It’s just 3:30 pm in the afternoon in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Darkness envelops Sweden in the winter. In December, the sun doesn’t rise in Stockholm until 8:30 am, and the sunset comes quickly at 3:00 pm. That means it’s pitch black by 3:30 pm!

Even with three more hours of light in my home city of New York, I tend to hole up in winter at nightfall. I wondered how the Swedes managed to survive the long, dark winters.

gamla stan cobblestone street walking

After all, dark or light, errands must be run.

cobblestone street stockholm gamla stan walk to school

Children must attend school.

Stockholm chihuahuas walking at night

Dogs must be walked.

Life doesn’t stop in the winter, but the Swedes have found a way to make the best of it by transforming what could be long months of depressing darkness into something warm and inviting. Restaurants and shops welcome customers in with a lantern at their doorstep (lit with a real flame), and inside, soft candlelight glows, creating the kind of “cozy” (hygge in Danish, mysa in Swedish) that defies exact translation.

How do you bring the Swedish feeling of hygge home with you?

Pick up a Swedish souvenir that represents all that is warm and cozy– candles, candlesticks, and candelabras.

Swedish Souvenir Candlesticks

swedish souvenir stockholm

White ceramic Swedish candlesticks from the Vasa Museum Gift Shop, Stockholm

You’ll find gorgeous candlesticks for sale everywhere in Sweden– classic white are the most popular.

stockholm souvenirs candlesticks

Candlesticks from Skansen Museum Shop, Stockholm

stockholm souvenirs candlesticks

Wooden carved candlesticks from Skansen Museum Shop, Stockholm

swedish crafts wood stockholm

Wooden carved candlesticks from Skansen Museum Shop, Stockholm

skansen souvenirs

Dala horse candlestick at Skansen Museum Shop, Stockholm

swedish souvenir dala horse wooden

Dala horse candlestick at Skansen Museum Shop, Stockholm

Two Swedish souvenirs in one– a candlestick and the classic Dala horse, combined.

swedish pottery souvenir ceramics

From the Potter’s Workshop in Skansen, Stockholm.

Loved this handmade ceramic candle holder made in a traditional Swedish style.

Need more than one candlestick?  There is a large assortment of Swedish candelabras to choose from.

red ball candelabra swedish souvenir

This red candelabra is a classic Swedish design (from the Skansen Gift Shop, Stockholm).

Another popular souvenir is the Swedish candle chandelier.

Swedish iron candle chandelier stockholm

From the Skansen Museum gift shop, Stockholm.

Candle chandeliers ranged from simple and functional, like these made from iron.

Swedish iron candle chandelier stockholm

From the Skansen Museum gift shop, Stockholm.

Swedish candle chandelier best souvenir stockholm green colorful elaborate

From the Skansen Museum gift shop, Stockholm.

To colorful and elaborate like these gorgeous candle chandeliers.

beautiful candle chandeliers made in sweden

From the Skansen Museum gift shop, Stockholm.

Swedish Candles

DSC03830What candles do you use in your Swedish candlesticks and candelabras? I saw nothing but classic white taper candles.

DSC03559For those wary of candle flames burning out in the open, bright red swedish lanterns are another souvenir option.

design souvenirs from designtorget stockholm

Electric candles from DesignTorget, Stockholm

Don’t trust yourself with a flame at all? Though it’s not quite the same cozy feel as a real flame, I did like these electric candles.

cobblestone street gamla stan at night in stockholm SwedenLighting your Swedish candles back home will help you bring a little bit of Swedish hygge home with you, and hopefully help you get through your own winter doldrums.

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Sweden is known for travel souvenirs like beautiful candles to light up dark winter nights.

Have you bought Swedish candles or candle holders as a souvenir? Share in the comments below!

Stockholm, Sweden Souvenir Shopping Details:
Vasa Museum Gift Shop, Stockholm Sweden
Skansen Gift Shop, Stockholm Sweden
DesignTorget, Stockholm (multiple locations)

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Wednesday 10th of May 2017

That's actually not a dala horse candle stick - just a horse shaped wooden candle stick. To be a Dala horse it has to be handmade in Dalarna, have the particular Dala horse shape, and be hand painted with a kurbits pattern (a swirly pattern with bright colours (white, green, yellow and blue).

Kristin Francis

Tuesday 24th of October 2017

Lina, thank you so much for the correction!


Wednesday 7th of January 2015

Hi! A (late) response from Sweden :) Winter is dark here but really cozy! There are defenitely webshops with chandeliers that you can order from. My favourite delievers abroad but doesn't have a website in English - fail. but maybe Google translate can help you out. Kristin, hope you come here in the summer. It'll blow your mind, so beautiful!

Kristin Francis

Wednesday 7th of January 2015

Anna, thanks for the link, I'm sure my readers who can't make it to Sweden will appreciate a resource. I will definitely make it to Sweden over the summer, it's top of my list!


Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

I tried to shop online to purchase the gorgeous green and gold candle chandelier but Skansen doesn't have online shopping.. oh, but I've got to have that fab chandelier. I just love it! (So glad you snapped that photo!!) Any ideas where I can find it to order? I can't get it out of my head.. have hunted for over an hour!

Kristin Francis

Thursday 4th of September 2014

Hi Deb! the best way is to go to Sweden!! The Skansen shop is unreal-- I loved everything there. Try giving them a call maybe? They speak English and are really nice, I doubt you'll find it online anywhere-- it's probably a one off too.

Tuesday 4th of March 2014

Wow Kristin, you really covered all the choices beautifully. I'm a total sucker for just about anything from Sweden. My favorite is the Dala Horse candlestick - I've had one for years. ~Terri

Kristin Francis

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

Hi Terri-- Thanks for stopping by! I'd never seen the Dala horse/candlestick combo before-- and here I was thinking it was some newfangled concept!

Just Add Attitude

Sunday 2nd of March 2014

Stockholm is very high on the list of places I would like to visit, so hopefully I will get to see it sooner rather than later. I love these image of candles and candle holders. ;)

Kristin Francis

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

I really loved it and need to make a return visit when it's warmer!