Visiting Saratoga Springs: A Weekend of Springs, Farmers’ Markets and Horses

In all these years of plotting weekend escapes from New York City, I had somehow missed visiting Saratoga Springs, New York. Of course I had heard of Saratoga’s famous racetrack, but as someone who is a bigger fan of the parties and pomp and circumstance than of the races themselves, I’d never made the trip […]

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Best Men’s Stylish Travel Shoes for a European Vacation

We have two popular posts about women’s travel shoes here— but the question we get asked all the time is what about travel shoes for men? Men arguably have a more difficult task when seeking stylish shoes for travel– their shoes are heavier, take up more suitcase space and are often more expensive (at least […]

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vintage mickey mouse ears and vintage mickey mouse t shirts 1970s

WDW’s Mickey Mouse Ears: the Most Popular Souvenir in the World

Mickey Mouse Ear Hats: a Classic American Souvenir Nothing more than two round “mouse” ears attached to a simple cap, the iconic mickey mouse ear hats are perhaps the most recognizable souvenir in the world. First worn by the tween mouseketeers on the 1950’s show, The Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Mouse ears quickly became the […]

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