Stephansplatz Christmas Market Vienna Austria stall vendor mug

Vienna’s Stephansplatz Christmas market

Vienna’s Stephansplatz Christmas Market– a Market in the Heart of Vienna If you’re touring Vienna during the Christmas season, it’s impossible to miss the Stephansplatz Christmas market, named for the Stephansplatz square where it sits. The square is home to one of Vienna’s most famous landmarks, the spectacular cathedral, the Stephansdom. The Stephansdom is on […]

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spittelberg christmas market lights decor

Spittelberg Christmas Market in Vienna

Spittelberg Christmas Market, a Neighborhood Market (Weihnachtsmarkt am Spittelberg) Vienna offers a lot of Christmas markets to choose from– some are great for shopping, some are better for decorations, and still others are more suited for just hanging out (to read about seven different Vienna Christmas markets, don’t miss my highly opinionated post, the best […]

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best mexican mezcal souvenir

Artisan Mexican Mezcal and a Tasty Worm

Everyone knows Mexico is famous for tequila, but have you heard of Mezcal? I hadn’t, but I quickly learned that while all tequila is mezcal, mezcal is not necessarily tequila. Confused? I was, but this wiki article sheds some light on the difference for those who want an in-depth explanation. The short version: while both […]

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