Best Chocolate Babka Souvenir to Bring Home from New York City

Babka, I hear, has made a comeback, splattered all over Instagram with modern versions and recipes incorporating this traditional dessert. For those unfamiliar with this sweet treat, babka is a cross between a cake and a bread, with chocolate or cinnamon infused between flaky layers.  As a staple at New York’s traditional Jewish bakeries, it […]

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Rondelle beads

Top Souvenirs to Bring Home from Ghana

This guest post is written by a personal friend, Leigh Fraiser, an avid traveler and knowledgable shopper! Leigh shares her insider tips on a location she has spent a lot of time in, Ghana. I travel a good bit for my job, often to far-flung locations that don’t have well worn tourist paths. Travel books […]

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