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Economy Candy: Photo Tour of a Real Old School New York City Shop

New York’s Lower East Side used to be the spot for shopping, with vendors in business for generations. Most of those shops are now shuttered, replaced by condos, real estate offices and fancy children’s boutiques. I’d hoped to write about a famous New York pickle shop in the neighborhood, but alas learned I was too […]

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Best Shopping in Nantucket for Souvenirs

There is simply no place like Nantucket, with its cobbled streets, grey shingled cottages and spectacular sunsets. A speck of an island off the coast of Massachusetts, Nantucket is all about restraint. Strict building codes preserve Nantucket’s historic identity. Long stretches of pristine beaches are nearly free of tacky bars and souvenir shops. Bicycles far […]

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Best Shopping in the Hamptons: Southampton Photo Tour

I used to spend a lot of time in the Hamptons. Post graduation, but not yet ready for the real world, I spent a summer relaxing on Southampton’s beaches. Later summers were spent weekending at sharehouses in practically every Hampton– Bridge, East then back to South again. My weekends in the Hamptons were pretty typical– […]

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Souvenir Recipe: How to Make Classic Cuban Mojitos with Cuban Rum

All it took was one balmy afternoon spent at the ancient wooden bar at La Bodeguita to convert me. Somehow, the mix of cool mint, a blast of white rum, and a hit of sugar, all muddled together became the most refreshing drink I’d ever tasted. The classic Cuban mojito is best enjoyed in its […]

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Chicago Souvenir Recipe: Neon Green Sweet Pickle Relish

In most American cities, I struggle to come up with a unique souvenir to bring home. What souvenir would represent the iconic city experience that wasn’t already easily available in my own city of New York? Usually, I revert to food souvenirs, and mostly perishable ones, as those are often best in the city of […]

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The Best Souvenirs from Cuba for Americans to Bring Home

Before we get to the best souvenirs in Cuba, let’s answer the question everyone seems to have– yes Americans can legally bring home Cuban souvenirs. This question can be confusing because it’s true that a mere two years ago, all souvenirs from Cuba were completely illegal for Americans to bring back to the United States. […]

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