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Shop a Local Market in Rural Trang, Thailand

Shop a Local Market in Rural Trang, Thailand

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Thailand is known for its markets– the kind diehard shoppers hop a flight halfway around the world for. The epicenter of Thai markets lies in the larger cities of Bangkok and Chang Mai, where indie designers and unique crafts tempt foreign shoppers with bottom dollar prices. I love these tourist-focused markets, where there is plenty to not only browse and also bring home (see my two posts about Bangkok’s spectacular Chatuchak market.)

But far away from the larger cities (and hordes of tourists) are ordinary markets offering everyday wares and fresh produce for locals who live in the area. I knew exploring these markets would be a fun cultural experience, a peek into the everyday lives of locals, but I was curious– could I also shop these local markets for souvenirs worth bringing home?

To find out, we explored a local market in the remote coastal region of Trang, Thailand, near the Andaman Sea.

Shopping a Local Market in Trang

local market

Local markets are usually only held on certain days of the week, so do your research beforehand.

DSC06570 DSC06574

1. Textiles and Clothing

We found all sorts of cute (and dirt cheap) fabrics, skirts and tops. Some items were made right on the premises (the seamstresses were at work in the back), while others were imported from nearby Indonesia.

At first I thought these colorful garments were frumpy, elastic-waist skirts, but our guide Teya demonstrated their proper purpose. They are actually post-bath cover ups, worn the same way you would wear a towel. I loved the gorgeous colors and thought these would make great gifts (about $3.50 US).

I snatched up several reams of what I thought were colorful fabrics, hoping to make throw pillows with them. When I got home I realized they weren’t simple bolts of fabric, but Thai wrap skirts (unlike a remnant, the ends of the fabric for a wrap skirt connect in a tube).  I plan to take the wrap skirts out for a test run in out in New York City, so stay tuned for a future post!

We all loved the racks of breezy tops. Our friend Cheryl scooped one up and wore it out that same night.

thai clothes from market trang
These clothes are hyper local– note the seamstress in the back.

2. Spices and Dried Peppers

dried thai peppers market

Dried (but not fresh) peppers are totally fine to bring back through US customs.

Food in Thailand can be hot– so hot that dishes are sometimes automatically toned done under the assumption that Westerners can’t handle it. I like spicy and don’t mind a little heat so I picked up these peppers (I asked for the hottest ones available). I can’t wait to experiment with them.

The spice selection was excellent– if we’d had more time I would have brought a lot more home from this section.

3. Look but Don’t bring Home

Because markets can also be the equivalent of the village grocery store, providing fresh produce, seafood and meats to local residents, not everything on offer here will make sense to bring home. Besides running afoul of customs laws, I doubt you’d want to load your suitcase with raw chickens, flopping fish and whole watermelons anyway. But it is fascinating to window shop.



DSC06645 DSC06661 DSC06684


 Have you ever brought a souvenir home from a local market? Tell us about your finds!

Disclosure: I visited Trang, Thailand as a guest of the Thai tourism authority. Though this market was not even part of our itinerary, a special thanks to guide Teya for squeezing it in after I begged requested to see a local market.

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Career in travel

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Thailand is definitely an amazing country full of colors, vibrations and contrasts as well. The country has such amazing nature and pristine landscapes! I love all of your photos and the way they portray Thai market and its positive vibes.


Thursday 20th of August 2015

Interesting article. I enjoyed the photos. You could find the similar markets in Bangladesh.

Paige Conner Totaro

Wednesday 19th of August 2015

I loved the markets in Trang when I visited a few years ago. My husband and I still laugh about when we visited and he found a shirt he liked but thought it was too expensive at 120 baht. He had forgotten the exchange rate and thought it was $40, but really it was $4. He went back and bought it. It if were me I would have bought 3!