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Bring Home an Original Sculpture Souvenir from Florence at Studio Raffaello Romanelli

Bring Home an Original Sculpture Souvenir from Florence at Studio Raffaello Romanelli

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I was a little lost in Florence’s Oltrarno quarter.

It might have by design, because I was only half-heartedly looking for my destination. As usual, I was hoping something more interesting would distract me first. It didn’t take long for something to capture my attention.

oltrarno florence hotel airbnb

I stayed in this Airbnb in the Oltrarno area– on the “other” side of Florence’s Arno river. While it’s free of big tourist attractions, it’s full of local life (and artisan workshops).

I looked to my right and saw an open doorway leading into a sunlit chamber stuffed to the rafters with sculptures. Roman busts, cherubs, ferocious warriors and voluptuous women clung to the shelves, walls and floor. Had I accidentally stepped into the storage room for one of the local museums?

Studio Galleria Raffaello Romanelli

Studio Galleria Raffaello Romanelli in Florence.

After spotting price tags on some of the items, it became clear this sculpture studio was also a shop (Galleria Raffaello Romanelli, established 1860). Even as non-expert, I could tell the quality here was top-notch, museum quality-ish, so I was fully prepared to flip a tag, note the stratospheric prices and head back out the door before I accidentally broke something.

But instead, I experienced a rare episode of reverse sticker shock. These handmade sculptures (a mix of replicas and originals) were priced about the same as those mass-produced knock offs from your local home design store. Prices here started at about $15 euros for a small piece to 300 euro for a medium bust to a few thousand for a larger original (and upwards for custom pieces).

After browsing the sculptures, I was able to meet one of the sculptors, as well as owner of this family-run business which dates back five generations. He explained that in addition to the family’s own work, the studio was also a workshop for local sculptors and even offered classes to artists.

Deciding what sculpture to bring home as a souvenir was tricky. I was so tempted by the larger pieces (which can of course be shipped) but decided my current transient lifestyle doesn’t lend well to permanent fixtures. Smaller items for the walls seemed like a good bet (but the friend I was with snatched up the series of items I was eyeing).

But then towards the back of the studio I found the perfect piece– a first draft of an original sculpture, a six inch fox that would later become a much larger piece. I loved bringing home a piece of the creative process, and the low price tag (about 25 euros) made it a bargain. Back home, my fox stands guard on my windowsill.

Florence sculpture studio: cherub christmas ornanment.

Florence sculpture studio: cherub christmas ornanment.

 Galleria Raffaello Romanelli bust

Small busts at Galleria Raffaello Romanelli, easy to pop into your suitcase.


I adored this curled up dog at Studio Galleria Raffaello Romanelli (Florence).

 Galleria Raffaello Romanelli florence sculptor souvenir

One of the sculptors and member of the Romanelli family poses for a portrait.

Where: Studio Galleria Raffaello Romanelli Borgo San Frediano 70, 50124 Firenze, Italy

Have you been to Galleria Raffaello Romanelli? Tell us about your finds!

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Saturday 14th of July 2018

I just ran across a sales slip from 23 April1968 from your store. We purchased Houdon's bust of a girl and have been enjoying it since. We so enjoyed Florence and thank you for making it so special 50 years ago. Barbara Abbruzzese

Kristin Francis

Thursday 25th of October 2018

Hi well it's not my store, but I'm happy to share my experience there. Thanks so much for sharing your story, it really does show how souvenirs are such a special part of the travel journey :)

John @ Pretravels

Wednesday 20th of July 2016

It's nice that you talk about things like this :). I would have never discovered this shop as I'm usually keeping to my itinerary. The studio does look great indeed :)