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Shopping Boston for wicked good souvenirs (Guest Post)

Shopping Boston for wicked good souvenirs (Guest Post)

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Guest author Sonia Frieder of Sonar Travels shares her experiences souvenir shopping in Boston as an LA transplant.

sGNF7BurntR7zZEflqBg-1ELcNNQxxGGQwvdIMRPNRgFrom L.A. to Boston
When you step foot in Boston you can feel the history oozing from every corner– and that’s not just because the Back Bay was built on a landfill.  Home of the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, and Bunker Hill, Boston’s history comes alive around every corner.   So when I first moved to Boston from Los Angeles, I knew I had my job cut out for me. There was so much to see and so much history to take in.  As I settled into Boston, bringing home little souvenirs from my new city helped make me feel like a part of it all.

Go Red Sox! My first Boston souvenir

One of the first things I did when I moved to my new city was to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  I must admit, it felt a little wrong.

All those Dodgers game I went to! All those Dodger dogs I ate!  It was like I was cheating on LA. But when in Rome… I bought my very first Boston souvenir, grabbed a Fenway Frank, and cheered “Let’s go Red Sox!”

-gS_Sj21A0qp0LHizwcfjiNAlh8B_E6dXy9hVf_Qj8gSports and Boston go together like peanut butter and jelly. You simply cannot visit Boston without picking up a hat or jersey featuring a beloved Boston team. Just one word of caution, don’t even think about showing up in the opposing teams jersey!

Picking up Souvenirs along the Freedom Trail
Boston may be famous for its sports enthusiasm but it’s even more famous for its historical significance. So it’s only fitting that one of the most popular things to do in Boston is take a walking tour of the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile, brick-lined route that takes you along various historical sites in downtown Boston.

6uClaxQvQWKpeIFdnkob9m9rRyNIZ9dQhFJTzrt9i0QPick up the Freedom trail at its starting point in the Boston Common, the oldest public park in the country.

8fxXlnnOzZYQ1DKYboyWafTdQF6wmdX-uR-Zo9jbHQUWhile there, check out the Frog Pond, guarded by adorable frogs.

VmmDmr-9R3UHBYhin3v2QvlAZQ4ChO2gOsaGmmjGJFEThen make your way to the Public Gardens, located right next to the Commons.  Though not an official stop on the Freedom trail, the Gardens are a must see for their swan boats,

4657287583_b8bda15111_zthe world’s smallest suspension bridge,

fIukzwIYvRd24pwUEXccoOeyOspONJDKxZtFwTonN6sand of course, everyone’s favorite (and a top 10 Boston attraction), Mother Duck and her eight ducklings.  Inspired by the award-winning book Make Way for Ducklings, about a duck family living on an island in the garden’s lagoon, the statues will have the little ones scrambling for their photo opp.  Ok, and maybe the not so little ones too.  The Make Way for Ducklings book is a great souvenir to top off your experience and bring the memory home.

Boston’s Best Edible Souvenirs
Boston has some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.

uF47ASTAWxYB6dW5U3yyQxWZ_xwUxaD5mG61G1zVBIkSome of these treats are not souvenir friendly and should be enjoyed on site– like Omni Parker House’s famous Boston Cream Pie.

Boston’s Best Cannolis

c9mnpsQiYsobDYOowvJo_-AiTedJL0sAlbDuDp08Iz8But my absolute favorite Boston treats are the cannolis in the North End, one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in America and home to hundreds of Italian restaurants.  More importantly, the North End is home to the most famous cannoli feud ever– Mike’s Pastry versus Modern Pastry. Folks line up around the block for a taste of these famous cream cheese delights. The heated debate over who has the best cannoli continues to this day.  When visiting Boston you can have your own taste test on the spot and decide for yourself.  But can you bring these delicious cannolis back with you to share with family and friends back home?

If you’ve ever left a cannoli out for more than an hour or so you probably know the answer to this– usually you can’t take a cannoli with you or you’ll just be left with a soggy mess.  But there is a way around this, as Mike’s has come up with a brilliant to-go souvenir– cannoli kits!  All of the separate bits of the cannoli (including trimmings and powdered sugar) are packed separately, with the perishables set on dry ice.   Just take home and re-assemble for the perfect Boston souvenir.

What are your favorite Boston souvenirs?  Share in the comments below!

Want to read more about Sonia’s favorite (and least favorite) things about Boston? Check out her post on Sonar Travels!

Boston Souvenir Shopping Details:
Omni Parker House Restaurant, 60 School Street, Boston, MA
Mike’s Pastry, 300 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113,
Hours:  Mon-Tue, Sun 8 am – 10 pm Wed-Thu 8 am – 10:30 pm Fri-Sat 8 am – 11:30 pm
Modern Pastry, 257 Hanover St. Boston, MA 02113
Hours:  Mon-Thu, Sun 8 am – 10 pm Fri 8 am – 11 pm Sat 8 am – 12 am

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Photo attributions:
Photos by Sonar Travel except:
#    World’s shortest suspension bridge – Boston Public Garden / CC BY 2.0

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Tuesday 12th of November 2013

I have yet to visit Boston, but just hearing that they have such delicious cannolis makes me want to hop on the next flight!

Kristin Francis

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

Thanks so much for stopping by! Seriously, the cannolis are REALLY delicious! Boston is such a compact little city too, with a lot of the historical parts intact, I definitely think it is a must see for foreigners.

Sonia F

Monday 11th of November 2013

I use to buy 3 or 4 cannolis and eat them for dessert then again at breakfast the next morning! And its true that Boston fans are very dedicated...although I might say that's understatement =) The energy is unlike anything else I've ever experienced at a sports game!


Monday 11th of November 2013

Boston is one place I really love to visit in the States. And those cream cakes! My mouth is seriously watering. I also like to see the game of Boston Bruins too! (^-^)

Kristin Francis

Monday 11th of November 2013

Thanks for your comments! I also lived in Boston for a year and Sonia was spot on here with her recommendations-- the Little Italy in Boston is so much better than the one in NYC. You would love the hockey games here too-- let's just say the fans of any Boston sport are very dedicated.