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Shopping a Hungarian Supermarket (When You Don’t Speak Hungarian)

Hungarian Supermarket Shopping: Lost in Translation I loved shopping the Hungarian supermarket for souvenirs– the packaging, flavors and type of items were all so different looking than anything I’d seen in other European countries. But while being unable to read foreign labels can be a fun adventure, full of surprises, it’s also a risk. Sure […]

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Best Souvenirs from Brittany and Normandie: What to Bring Home

A region I’ve been dying to visit for the shopping and souvenirs alone is Northwest France. Normandy and Brittany are pretty unique in that nearly all the best souvenirs (and there are quite a few) are specific to the region. For example, the dramatic Breton coastline and tradition of fishing means you’ll find excellent fish […]

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Cuberdons: the Best Belgian Souvenir you’ve Never Heard of

Everyone knows Belgium is famous for its chocolate and waffles, but have you heard of the other sweet Belgian treat, the cuberdon? Cuberdons: A Sweet Brussels Souvenir Cuberdons are a Belgian candy, easily identified by their cone-shape and deep purple color. Cuberdons (also called the Ghent Nose)  are made from a sweet mix of red […]

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Paris Mariage Frere Tea Shop Shelves Place De La Madelaine

The Best Tea Place to Buy Tea in Paris: Mariage Frere, a Unique French Souvenir

While most everyone is familiar with British tea, head just over the channel and you’ll find that France also has a long, centuries-old tradition of tea. The Tradition of Tea in France Tea was enjoyed in the French courts, and was very much an upper class thing. But unlike in Great Britain, tea never really […]

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Visit the Iconic Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris and Bring Home a Souvenir

On this last visit to Paris, I finally made it to Shakespeare and Company, probably the best known independent bookstore in the world. It might seem odd at first, a famous English language bookstore in Paris, just a stone’s throw from Notre Dame. But this isn’t your run of the mill Barnes and Noble– Shakespeare […]

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Ultimate Guide to Paris Outlet Shopping, Discount Stores and Sales

You don’t read much about Paris outlet stores and fashion discount shopping, but surprisingly they do exist and bargains can be found right in central Paris. I wanted to write this post because everything I researched on Paris outlet shopping brought me to one resource– La Vallee Village, an outlet center outside of Paris. And […]

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