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Women’s Packing List for London and Paris Spring/Summer Travels

Figuring out a packing list for spring and early summer travels in Europe can be tricky– temperatures can vary so greatly you may not be sure what to wear and can easily result in that dreaded over packing. I am obsessive about packing light (more room for souvenirs!) so I keep my packing list for […]

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Shopping Liberty London Shirts, Art Fabrics and Haberdashery

Liberty London is my favorite department store in London– in a past post we took a virtual photo tour of this unique store and souvenir shopped the iconic print accessories and British gifts, click here to read Part I. Today we check out the goods Liberty London is most famous for– the Liberty Art fabric […]

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Souvenirs for Candy Fanatics: Old-Timey British Sweets

The British, with their love of sweets, are well-known for making delicious candy that is craved worldwide (there is a reason most large American supermarkets have a dedicated British sweets section). I thought I knew British sweets pretty well– after all, on each visit to the UK I  make sure to raid a local British […]

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A Red Poppy Souvenir in Honor of Remembrance Day in England

Poppies and Remembrance Day in England If you visit England in the month of November, you will notice red poppies pinned to the lapel of many residents– especially the older generation. These red poppies were originally a symbol of commemoration of British soldiers who died in World War I (and now include the fallen from […]

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