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Manner Cookies from Vienna, Austria will make you Forget about Fresh-Baked

Manner Cookies from Vienna, Austria will make you Forget about Fresh-Baked

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While most American children have fond memories of freshly baked Toll House chocolate chip cookies, I have fond memories of store-bought wafer cookies.
manner neopolitan wafer Whether it was because of my parents’ European heritage or simply their disinterest in baking, those gooey warm cookies rarely made an appearance in our home.  So instead of waiting for cookies to come out of the oven, I waited for grocery store bags to be brought in.  I tore into them even before the bags were unpacked, with no worries about burning my tongue– unlike those poor children forced to eat fresh-baked cookies.

Over the years as I grew older and away from my European roots, wafer cookies fell by the wayside.  Like most Americans, I whipped up my own batches of chocolate chip cookies, swapping out Toll House and Land-o-Lakes for gourmet chips and cultured butter.  When I came across an occasional wafer cookie no sentimentality remained for they too had changed– dry and sawdust-y, nothing like the wafer cookies of my childhood.

So when I read about Vienna’s Manner wafer cookies as a Vienna souvenir I didn’t even bother to jot down the address of their flagship store, instead filing away the shop on my mental “if I happen to see it” list.

I never did see the Manner store on Vienna’s city streets.  But I did come across a Manner outpost right there at my terminal in the Vienna airport– the perfect last stop for a Vienna souvenir.

manner wafer store

Pepto-pink with a retro design, the Manner store was worth visiting for the decor alone.

If you’re wondering why a simple wafer cookie merits an entire airport shop– in addition to two flagships (in Vienna and Salzburg)– consider the historical role Manner has played in Austrian culture.

Manner cookies souvenir autrian food

The wafers come packaged in these foil-wrapped multipack bricks, complete with red tear strip– considered an innovation at the time.

Back in 1898 Josef Manner, outraged that the average Austrian citizen could not afford to buy chocolate, came up with the brilliant motto “chocolate for everyone” and created Manner Original Neapolitan Wafers.  To ensure everyone could afford to buy a cookie, Manner originally sold them individually.  The wafer cookies have followed the same basic recipe for over a hundred years, sandwiching a luscious hazelnut-chocolate cream filling in five layers of crispy, paper-thin wafers.

What souvenirs can you buy at the Manner store?

manner cookies pink vintage packaging

The vintage-styled packing is based on original Manner designs.

Fancy packaged cookies, perfect for gifting.

Pausen schnitte manner wafer cookiesVariations on the original cookie like these “Pausen Schnitte.”

best vienna souvenir Manner chocolate heartsAnd these chocolate hearts.

austrian souvenir Chocolate covered pretzels MannerManner’s Chocolate-covered pretzels.

sacher torte topping

For a lazy baker and sacher torte lover like myself, this pre-made ganache Manner topping was irresistable. I’ll update this post after testing it out.

austrian candyManner also owns the brand Casali producer of the famous Schoko-Banane.  Intrigued, I bought a bar.

schoko banana vienna food souvenirThe Manner cookie filling is actually made with real Chiquita bananas–no artificial flavors or preservatives here– and has a very fruity, but firm creamy flavor.
vienna souvenir manner pensThey had these cute pens by the register so I brought a couple of them home with me.

Wafer Cookies, Redux

vienna souvenirSo did the Manner wafer cookies live up to those childhood memories?

Uh, yes.  I went through these Manner cookies faster than any of my other souvenir treats.   I found all sort of ways to enjoy them– with an espresso in the morning, a mid-afternoon snack, an after dinner dessert.  Pretty much any time of day, which is why they didn’t last long.

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Have you tried Manner cookies?  Share in the comments below!

Vienna Souvenir Shopping Details:
Manner products are available in supermarkets, gift shops and in their shops at the Vienna airport, and their flagship stores:  Manner, Stephansplatz 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Manner, Residenzplatz 6 5020 Salzburg, Austria

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Saturday 6th of February 2016

We lived in Vienna when I was a teen and we loved the Mannerschnitten!!! Was very happy when I found them at Cost Plus World Market here in the States, which is where I go every December to get treats for my family! But, to go back to Wien and get them there would be wonderful!

Kristin Francis

Thursday 18th of February 2016

ah good tip, thanks!

eric larson

Wednesday 5th of August 2015

Kristin, just back from a trip to Vienna for business and I loved the Manner cookies while there and brought back a bunch of their stuff home. If you ever get back, their flagship store in the city is on the corner of the square where St. Stephens Cathedral is located.........although the products in the Vienna airport between their store and duty free have alot of whats in the store. If you get back there, you will want to see the Cathedral anyway and carve out 15 minutes to buy everything in their store too!

Thursday 25th of June 2015

I've been lucky enough to make it to the Vienna flagship store. I'd been eating Manner cookies and choco-banane for 10 years- first in Vienna, then from European specialty stores back home. If you ever get the chance, go to the flagship store. It will blow you away!

Kristin Francis

Thursday 25th of June 2015

Thanks for reporting back! Hope to next time I'm in town!


Sunday 4th of January 2015

Thanks Kristin! These wafers are amazing and I discovered them in the airport too - only I was arriving and starving, and grabbed the first snack at the airport cafe. This blog is awesome by the way! I followed your advice and got some sachertorte at Aida today :)

Kristin Francis

Monday 5th of January 2015

Thanks so much, that's so sweet of you to say! Haha I often end up eating my souvenirs before I even get the chance to photograph them-- most of my chocolate from Brussels didn't make it out of my hotel room. : ) Enjoy Vienna!


Tuesday 9th of December 2014

Hey Kristen I love your blog... I am a New Yorker living in Vienna.. Which borrow were u born in?

Kristin Francis

Thursday 11th of December 2014

Hi Kristen, I'm not a native, from CT! I adored Vienna, have tons more souvenir posts to put up. Vienna seemed like such a livable city, you are so lucky to be living there!