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Where to Buy Inexpensive Handbags in Paris’ Marais District

Where to Buy Inexpensive Handbags in Paris’ Marais District

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I never thought about researching where to buy a handbag on my visit to Paris. Paris struck me as a destination for investment designer handbags, from luxury good makers like Hermes and Celine. While I would love to leave Paris with a souvenir Hermes Birkin bag on my arm, I’m not ready to drop ten grand (for starters) on a shopping whim.

So when I stumbled across a colorful handbag shop in Paris’ Marais district, filled with cute but inexpensive handbags that are actually made in France, I knew I hit pay dirt.

shopping street Marais rue de Sévigné cute inexpensive

Rue de Sévigné in the Marais is a fantastic street for shopping.

Parisian brand Brontibay’s Marais shop on rue de Sévigné is eye-candy for handbag lovers. You’ll find shelves of nylon and leather handbags, satchels, wallets and clutches bursting in pretty shades and Liberty prints. The best part is that these stylish, made-in-France handbags are built for function. I loved the handbags’ slim profiles (easy to carry under your arm), convertible straps (to wear crossbody or as a standard purse) and incredibly lightweight construction (no more shoulder agony).

Parisian handbags Marais inexpensive made in France

I also loved the medium-size of most of the handbags– surprisingly hard to find. My bags are large enough to fit my camera but not too large to bring out for the evening.

clochete Paris Marias shopping best

These adorable clochettes were only 29 and 33 euros.

The handbags at this Marais shop were well-constructed with a nice attention to detail (each bag had a pretty satin lining). When I first I glanced at the labels and realized that the handbags were actually made in France I expected some sticker shock. Instead, I experienced a rare case of reverse sticker shock– the handbags were not only inexpensive but downright cheap at about 80-200 euros per bag. Small accessories like change purses went for considerably less, making the shop a great spot for gifts.

I plucked two handbags from the shop’s stock– one nylon and one leather bag. My shopping cohort (in this case, my typically frugal, anti-shopping mom) even bought herself a handbag.

DSC01288 DSC01290 DSC01295

Now that I’ve owned my Parisian handbags for several months now, I can report back that the quality is excellent. These are my go-to bags and I carry them constantly. If you’re headed to Paris and love the style of these bags like I do, it’s definitely worth checking them out, especially with the current favorable exchange rate of the dollar to the euro.

As a side note, crossbody bags are really the essential handbag for a traveling shopper. I’ll cover this more extensively in a future post, but if you can’t get your hands on one of these fab Parisian handbags, you can find other versions in a pinch that will serve the same purpose:


Love the colors on these Coach bags


This Michael Kors bag is the perfect size and gets five star reviews

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Shopping Paris for cute, inexpensive handbags in the Marais district-- we found the perfect shop for crossbody and other handbags perfect for travel.
[box type=”info”]Souvenir Shopping Tip Sheet
What to Buy:
a made-in-France handbag, clutch or wallet from Parisian brand Brontibay
Where to Get it: Brontibay, Paris. We visit the Marais store and the
What to Know: is a cute shopping street (more on that in a future post). Also don’t miss the Musee Carnavelet nearby (and their fabulous gift shop for classic Parisian souvenirs). Bonus, this Paris handbag shop is also open on Sundays, when most other Paris boutiques (especially in the Marais) shutter their doors.[/box]

Note: I have no affiliation with Brontibay and bought the bags from their Paris shop on my own dime.

Online affiliate links to my other recommended bags earn me a tiny commission and help me continue to report on shopping finds around the world, so I appreciate your clicks!

Have you bought a handbag in Paris? Tell us about your finds in the comments!


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Darrell Dale

Wednesday 15th of August 2018

I saw this post and attempted to find the location on Google but the only Brontiby shop I could find wan at 13 rue La Fayette. Have they moved? Hopefully you can assist. Thank you!


Sunday 25th of February 2018

Found a François Renier outlet on de Lamothe Piquet. A ton of choices and colours and great prices compared to retail.

Kristin Francis

Monday 26th of February 2018

oh great! Did you see my new post on Parisian outlets? I'll add it to the list!

Hildred Sullivan

Wednesday 21st of February 2018

Just saw this post on Pinterest and thought I would chime in. Last time I was in a Paris with my friend (2014) we bought gorgeous (if pricey) French made handbags at Lancel, just off the Champs Élysée. It looks like that branch has closed now but they have other stores throughout the city. Everything was so beautiful we had trouble deciding.

Kristin Francis

Monday 26th of February 2018

Hildred, Thanks for the tips! I will definitely check out Lancel next time. The selection at Brontibay's Marais shop this time was much smaller (not sure if it was bc winter or what) so I'd love to recommend some alternatives.

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

I am so excited to visit this shop during my upcoming visit to Paris!!!

Kristin Francis

Monday 26th of February 2018

Thanks for the comment! There are some other fun shops on that street too. Also look for my write up on Paris outlet shops (several on that street).


Friday 29th of July 2016

And if you want to see beautiful bags for men, also made in france, you can visit "Ateliers Auguste" 8 rue de Turenne - 75004 Paris. (1 minute walk from Brontibay, maybe less :)

Kristin Francis

Friday 26th of August 2016

Thanks will check it out next visit!