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While nothing can replace actually visiting a destination itself to find unique souvenirs, sometimes we can travel closer to home. This section is geared towards my US readers who can’t jet off to another continent at a moment’s notice, but still want to explore a foreign destination.

We’ll explore ethnic enclaves around America, places where immigrants from all around the world have settled down and called home. Many of these areas have retained their traditional cultures., their cuisine and even some of their goods from their foreign homes. I love visiting these foreign respites for a dash of culture and as a bonus, I can often bring home edible souvenirs that might otherwise be too perishable for a fifteen hour flight. This section will be biased to New York City where I live, but will also explore great foreign pockets all over America.

My Skyroam solis working hard at a cafe in the Marais in Paris.

The Best (and Worst!) Holiday Gifts for Travelers 2017

I wasn’t planning on writing a traveler holiday gift guide this year, but after seeing so many ridiculous traveler gift guides in splashy magazines I figured I may as well put in my two cents. My list of recommended gifts isn’t huge and is somewhat random, but they are all at least my personal recommendations— […]

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Thai Elephant Pants: Can You Wear this Thai Souvenir Back Home?

Thai elephant pants are practically the official uniform of the female backpacker in Southeast Asia. Worn loose and flowy with a certain boho insouciance, the pants work perfectly everywhere from sacred temples to white sand beaches. Elephant pants are ubiquitous in Thailand– you’ll find these iconic printed pants with banded elastic cuffs at every market, […]

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Best Men’s Stylish Travel Shoes for a European Vacation: 2017

We have three popular posts about women’s travel shoes here— but the question we get asked all the time is what about travel shoes for men? Men arguably have a more difficult task when seeking stylish shoes for travel– their shoes are heavier, take up more suitcase space and are often more expensive (at least […]

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Budin Licorice Latte Brooklyn Nyc

Scandinavia in New York: $10 Lattes and Nordic Design at Budin

For the first in our series exploring souvenirs closer to home, we visit the Scandinavian haven of Budin in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you’re fascinated by Scandinavian crime thrillers like I am (I whipped through the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels in record time) you might have picked up on an interesting detail– […]

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