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best nyc reuben recipe

NYC Souvenir Recipe: the Better-than-a-Diner Reuben Sandwich

I love a good diner. Those laminated mega menus offer everything you can think of, including an all day– and sometimes all night– breakfast (I can confirm that pancakes are much tastier after 9 pm). Growing up in the Northeast, home to some of the best diners anywhere, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere without […]

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Cuberdons: the Best Belgian Souvenir you’ve Never Heard of

Everyone knows Belgium is famous for its chocolate and waffles, but have you heard of the other sweet Belgian treat, the cuberdon? Cuberdons: A Sweet Brussels Souvenir Cuberdons are a Belgian candy, easily identified by their cone-shape and deep purple color. Cuberdons (also called the Ghent Nose)  are made from a sweet mix of red […]

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Levain Bakery: the Best Cookies in New York City (and maybe the World)

I was going to write a long wrap up of the best cookies in New York City, visiting each of the “top” cookie bakeries, and offering my review. But then I figured why bother– there is already one clear winner. One cookie shop has been my favorite for years, my go-to spot for hostess gifts […]

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The Best Pad Thai Recipe: Secrets from a Bangkok Street Vendor

My Quest for the Best Pad Thai Recipe I am obsessed with Pad Thai– it’s the very definition of umami, the perfect balance of hot, sweet, spicy, cool and crunchy. To me, Pad Thai is the perfect comfort food and the dish I crave when I’m tired, jet lagged or just plain stressed out. I […]

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Pink Macarons From Laduree Paris

Ladurée Macarons in Paris: Worth bringing home as a souvenir?

We all know that Paris is famous for its macarons. But with macaron shops popping up worldwide, including outposts of famous Parisian patisseries, should you even bother to buy macarons as a souvenir in Paris? We answer your top Paris macaron shopping questions here. 1. What is a French Macaron anyway? Not to be confused […]

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