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The Top Souvenirs from Italy: What to Buy

Italy Tuscany Pienza town short view


Italy is one of my favorite places to shop for souvenirs, but it can be tricky to know what to buy. Tourist spots in Italy can be crowded with vendors selling the worst kind of tourist tat. The top souvenirs from Italy embody a sense of place— whether you’re shopping for cheese off an Italian farm in Tuscany, or bringing home souvenir ceramic plates bought directly from the artisan’s shop in Florence. Other top Italian souvenirs to look out for are crisp Italian linens and Italian wine from a small family vineyard that doesn’t export beyond their property line. Italian souvenirs can also remind you of the culture– like a palio souvenir reminded me of the closeness of contradas. And some souvenirs from Italy can be just for fun– our guest contributor shares how his top souvenirs from Italy included mini replicas and statues of Italian landmarks.
No matter where you find your own top souvenirs from Italy, don’t forget to mind the opening and closing hours. In some smaller hilltowns, they are serious about shutting down for several hours mid-day so plan accordingly to avoid disappointment.


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