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Top Souvenirs to Buy in London

**NOTE: I’ve updated this as of 4/17 see the most current post filled with photos and souvenirs here The Top 17 London Souvenirs and Experiences (below is archival only).**



London underground sign tube sign

It’s hard to put together the top souvenirs to buy in London because there are just so many great things to shop for, some in unexpected places. Some of my favorite top London souvenirs are food items— whether that’s tea and Cadbury candy bars from the Tesco supermarket or biscuits from Fortnum and Mason.

I love London markets and one of the most convenient London markets to find quality handmade souvenirs is right in the hear of the city in Convent Garden.
London has some pretty spectacular department stores that are a great source of top souvenirs. You might be surprised that Marks and Spencer is known for its underwear, Primark (aka Primani) has some cheap tourist finds, Liberty London is known for its prints and haberdashy and Fortnum and Mason is fabulous for well, everything.
Of course as home of one of the world’s most fascinating monarchies, London’s top souvenirs have to include any and all things royal— and the Buckingham Palace gift shops are a great source for high quality royal souvenirs (even bone china!).

Other London top souvenirs include anything we think of as quintisentially “British.” The London Transport museum is almost universally praised for their amazing gift shop and even British kitsch, with its long history, can be fun to buy.
Remember that souvenirs don’t have to be bought in a shop. One of my top souvenir tips is to participate in a local activity and the souvenir really just becomes part of the experience. If you love football/soccer (any indication of the world cup coverage would indicate most of you do), then why not spend an afternoon at a Barclays Premier League match? The “souvenir” scarf should be bought before the match so you can join in the fun!


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