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Best 27 Japanese Souvenirs and Experiences Around Tokyo (Kanto) Part I

Because there are so many fantastic Japanese souvenirs and experiences, this post will come in two parts, this is part I. In Japan, the magic is in the subtlety. Other destinations might be more obvious, with their swaying palms, exotic cuisine or chaotic crowds. But after a while you come to know what to expect, […]

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Come Home with Me to Litchfield Hills, Connecticut: My Guide to the Best Places to Snack, Shop and Wine

For years now, going home has meant one thing– packing up the car and making the drive from Manhattan to my mom’s lakeside house in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut. I like to describe Litchfield as country “lite,” with all of the photogenic trappings of the country but none of the pesky inconveniences of actual rural life. […]

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While the majority of the jukebox is dedicated to Sinatra, you'll find other crooners mixed in with some more recent additions.

My Hoboken: Finding Sinatra and the last of Italian American Culture

Sinatra’s Hoboken, My Hoboken Cynics be damned, I love the music of Frank Sinatra. Play me a song and I’ll start swaying, lost in Sinatra’s world of eternal optimism, where romance is carefree and easy, and flying to the moon or taking off into the blue is as simple as picking the right tune. When […]

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The Top 15 Norway Experiences (and the Souvenirs to Remember them by)

I’m just back from a whirlwind tour of Western Norway, from Oslo up to Geiranger, and couldn’t wait to share my favorite moments from this country. While I knew that Western Norway is famous for its jaw-dropping fjords, I was taken aback by the sheer diversity of this region. Sure Norway has the best nature […]

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Top “Holy Grail” Souvenirs Around the World

Why Souvenirs “Oh I don’t collect knick knacks.” “Experiences are more important to me than things.” These are the typical responses I get, sometimes delivered with a slight air of superiority, when I first tell people about my website Souvenir Finder. But my site isn’t about collecting knick knacks (and I actually bristle at the […]

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