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Best Souvenir of Kuwait and What You Need to Know Before Visiting

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The following post is brought to you in collaboration with our partners.

What you need to know before visiting Kuwait

Kuwait, being a famous Middle East counties has both positive and negative sides. Here is a compilation of things you need to know about Kuwait before applying a visa for Kuwait.

Souvenirs of Kuwait

Perfumes, perfumes

Are you the type of person who does like perfumes in their cosmetics and lotions? Well, you also would not want to retire to bed smelling like you own all the perfumes in the world. But in Kuwait, almost everything is made of perfume, not little perfume, but a lot of it. Even the fragrance-free products in Kuwait put a little bit of perfume to make their products appealing. So if you prefer fragrance-free lotions, soaps, and perfume, remember to carry enough with you, and the reason is obvious, you can’t find it in Kuwait.

Grocery stores

Kuwait has a variety of grocery stores and some of them exclusively sell food from outside. With imported food, you can be tempted to assume that they are way too expensive. But not in Kuwait. In fact, you can get yourself a box of cheerios for a mere USD. You can even be surprised to get foodstuffs imported from Europe costing only 3 USD. Well, taxes are not incurred here and this explains why prices are always on check.

Other Tips for Kuwait

No alcohol

This might not be true, like how can a big, renewed country like Kuwait lack alcohol depots? However, you need to know the right people for you to get your favorite brand at a convenient price. Otherwise, you will prefer sipping on your bottle of water. Besides the alcohol being too expensive, being found with one is also illegal, and you can risk deportation. People who buy alcohol never reveal their sources.

Drinking water

Kuwait is one of the few countries where tap water is completely safe to drink, well it might not have the taste you are used to, but it is safe, and that is what’s important. You will, however, get a lot of people to tell you that the water isn’t safe, and doctors can even tell you that drinking tap water leads to kidney conditions. This is understood since they also want to promote their water brands, but people have lived in Kuwait for ages and survived with the water with no adverse cases reported. Most of the water in Kuwait is pumped from the sea and desalinated, which means that it is clean when pumped through the tap, only the taste can be a little bit weird.


Just like many tourist destinations, there are a lot of Arab delicacies in Kuwait, and visitors can also benefit from the wide range foreign selections to choose from. The food is always fresh, well-seasoned and healthy. There are also a lot of eateries within the city. But being an Arab country, you can be tempted to assume that there are no good barbeque spots. However, there is one outstanding eatery in Kuwait-Oak and Smoke. If you are a fan of barbeque, you will definitely visit the place every single day during your Kuwait stay.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with our partners.

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Shepard C Willner

Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Nice post on Kuwait, the country we and our allies helped liberate from Iraqi forces during the 1st Persian Gulf War in '91. I would think though that there would be a lot more things to buy there than food, perfume, and booze. What about camel hide products? What about gold jewelry? Or am I thinking of Dubai? :-)