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Best Cute, Lightweight Cross Body Handbags for Summer Travel

Other than possibly a pair of ill-fitting shoes, nothing is worse when traveling than an uncomfortable travel purse. The best travel purses and handbags are super lightweight, comfortable to carry, slip free and cute enough not to be embarrassing even when visiting a fashion forward city. The problem is the purses I buy for fashion […]

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How to Select and Pack a Cooler for Road Trip Souvenirs

I love taking road trips– besides the joy of the open road and not having to deal with airports (and the TSA), there is the added benefit of hassle-free packing. With an enormous trunk and empty back seat at my disposal,  my own efficient packing rules go out the window. Shoes are piled high into […]

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Luggage Review: Rimowa, my Favorite Lightweight Suitcase

“I have no room for souvenirs!” I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they would love to bring home souvenirs, but they have no room in their luggage. While lack of space might be an acceptable excuse for an around-the-world backpacker, it doesn’t really fly for the regular vacationer toting a […]

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