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Souvenir Recipe: How to Make Classic Cuban Mojitos with Cuban Rum

All it took was one balmy afternoon spent at the ancient wooden bar at La Bodeguita to convert me. Somehow, the mix of cool mint, a blast of white rum, and a hit of sugar, all muddled together became the most refreshing drink I’d ever tasted. The classic Cuban mojito is best enjoyed in its […]

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The Best Souvenirs from Cuba for Americans to Bring Home

Before we get to the best souvenirs in Cuba, let’s answer the question everyone seems to have– yes Americans can legally bring home Cuban souvenirs. This question can be confusing because it’s true that a mere two years ago, all souvenirs from Cuba were completely illegal for Americans to bring back to the United States. […]

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What to Pack: Resort Wear and Cute Beach Dresses for a Caribbean Vacation

For a long weekend in the Caribbean, I refuse to pack anything that won’t fit into carry on travel bag. I imagine as soon as I step foot on the island I’ll slough off my city girl cloak and my true inner boho will emerge. My boho self would wander barefoot, content with a single […]

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