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Submit your favorite souvenirs or a fun souvenir collection and become part of the only curated web resource dedicated to the experience of souvenir shopping.

Guest posts or just favorite souvenir photos from other bloggers are welcome (on specific souvenirs, markets, or shopping areas), email me at [email protected] or use the submission form to discuss.   All submissions used will link back to your site.

By helping to build this database, you will not only be giving your fellow travelers the gift of an amazing travel experience, but you will also be helping to keep your favorite local artisans and shops in business.
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What to submit?

  • A great photo(s) of your souvenir.  This is the backbone of the database.

Optional to submit:

  • Photos of the shop/market where you bought it
  • Photos of the local area to provide additional context to the souvenir
  • Any written commentary or stories you would like to include involving the souvenir (you don’t have to write a post, we will edit and make it pretty)
  • If you would like to be credited for your photos/story please include the info on the submission form.  We can also link to your blog.  It’s ok to remain an anonymous contributor too.

Tips on what makes a good souvenir:

You can’t find it anywhere else.

Or the availability elsewhere is limited.

You can’t easily order it online (perishable, foreign website impossible to navigate, or no website).

A Fun Collection (of anything- magnets, room keys, stickers, pots)

Antique or vintage.

Made or designed in the region you’re buying it in.

Relates to the culture or history of the area.

It’s useful (a kitchen gadget, soap, clothing)

It’s a good value.

It makes you laugh

It’s “lucky”. We at Souvenir Finder are suckers for good luck talismans of any kind.

It’s none of these things but you know if you take it home with you, it will remind you of that small window of time.

*By submitting to us, you agree to the rules of our terms and conditions of service.  In short, you still own your original work and can do whatever you want with it– you just grant us permission to use it here.