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Surprising LEGAL Souvenirs You Can Bring Back Through US Customs

Every seasoned traveler knows better than to try to smuggle those illegal Kinder Eggs or Italian salamis back through US Customs. After all, you risk having your souvenirs confiscated, fines levied, or even the unthinkable happening– having your Global Entry status revoked. Imagine coming home after a long flight, and being doomed to suffer those […]

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kinder surprise egg illegal chocolate souvenir

Bring home a Kinder Surprise Egg and you could be fined $2500!

Bring these adorable Kinder surprise eggs over the border into the US and you risk being snagged by customs and running up a fine of up to $2,500 per illegal Kinder egg.  A dozen could theoreticaly cost you $30,000! What could possibly be in these eggs, you may wonder, that would merit such a huge […]

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