The Must Have Political Book of the Year is Disguised as Kid Lit: The Elephant in the Room

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The Elephant in the Room is a delightful new children’s picture book from New York City author and illustrator Anon. A. Mister. Standing on its own, The Elephant in the Room is an engaging children’s book, complete with a kid-friendly storyline and positive message.

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But The Elephant in the Room is so much more than your standard kid lit. Anon A. Mister has taken the children’s book genre and turned it on its head, dishing out a book with a hilarious political undercurrent that will send adults racing to the online bookstore to get their own copy.

The Elephant in the Room is a thinly veiled parable about President Donald Trump, and is being released at a time when the public demand for any and all Trump themed books is insatiable.

Anon A. Mister’s knack for tapping into popular culture could send this book viral– the good kind, that is. His colorful pages and insider political jokes are the stuff future memes are made of— the kind of book that everyone will be talking about at the virtual water cooler.

Read on to see why this may be the best picture book of the year– for both children and adults.

Kids Will Adore the Enthralling Characters and Story line

On the surface, this colorful book brimming with irresistibly cute animal characters tells the fable of a selfish elephant who came to rule the land.

Yet no matter how many lies the ruling elephant tells or terrible things he does, the other elephants refuse to acknowledge the situation (hence the metaphor of the elephant in the room).

The talented Anon A. Mister nails the art of elephant expressions.

The story then takes a positive spin, somehow managing to sidestep any preachiness while still delivering a powerful message about the importance of speaking out.

Recognize the speakers on the left?

Much of the book’s appeal to children lies in the author’s gift for illustration. The simple yet expressive characters of Anon A. Mister’s world are so enthralling you’ll find your children (and yourself) pouring over the pages again and again to find favorite animals.

The Elephant in the Room Will Give Adults Belly Laughs

But you don’t have to look too deeply to uncover the real inspiration for the book. A floppy blob of yellow hair, accompanied by illustrations of some of the more memorable gaffes committed during his tenure, reveals the elephant to be a stand in for none other than President Donald Trump.

The book then becomes a hilarious “best of” collection of some of Trump’s greatest missteps. You’ll find yourself chuckling knowingly at the bullheadedness of the elephant as he stares at the eclipse or descends down that infamous golden escalator.

The moment that defined an era: Trump’s golden escalator ride in Trump Tower.

Adults well versed in Trumpisms can practically make a game out of matching seemingly innocuous details in the author’s clever drawings to real life events.

The Elephant in the Room is the kind of book that makes you want to read it out loud to others, and to share and discuss favorite pages with friends. It invites a communal experience and is perfect for book clubs and political groups.

Parents Can Use this Book to Introduce Their Children to Today’s Politics

Parents struggling to explain today’s difficult political environment to their children will love this book. The Elephant in the Room gives parents a platform to communicate sometimes unpleasant concepts to children in a non scary way, and ultimately leaves a positive and inspiring message.

For Trump Supporters Losing Steam, this Book May help them get over the hurdle

Anon A. Mister has accomplished what legions of political pundits and talking heads have failed to do before him– simplify and distill the ridiculousness of the Trump presidency in one easy to read and understand picture book. If that work colleague or second cousin who vehemently defends each isolated Trump incident can’t quite grasp the big picture, this may be the book for them.

For Liberal Readers this Book is a Bit of Levity in Today’s Tense Environment

This book isn’t investigative journalism that is going to blow up the election. There are plenty of those books, they seem to be coming out faster than they can be printed.

The Elephant in the Room is a welcome respite from today’s tense political environment, a bit of levity and fun that can be shared with like minded folks. And these days, that is worth everything.

Kudos, Anon A. Mister, for bringing back some lightness to our day.

Elephant in the Room is available now for pre-order, due to ship in October.

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