Reader Submission: Chicago’s Christkindlmarket

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We love it when your readers submit their own great souvenir and market finds. Today’s post is courtesy of Chicago reader Gretchen (aka frequentflyermom). Gretchen is a baby boomer who travels for both work and play, and recently paid a visit to one of the largest and most authentic Christmas markets in the US– Chicago’s Christkindlmarket.

What makes the Christkindlmarket special is that many of their vendors actually come from Germany to participate. Gretchen reports that the market offers real mulled wine (not like the non-alcoholic stuff we get at New York City markets), served in actual souvenir Christmas mugs. You’ll also find many delicious snacks, pretzels, sweets, fantastic ornaments and engravings.

Gretchen’s favorite food from the Christkindlmarket is also a favorite of mine when visiting Germany– doner kebabs! While this may sound surprising, doner kebabs are actually a very German thing. In various pockets of Germany with sizable immigrant populations, you’ll find doner kebab stands everywhere (by the train stations are usually a safe bet to find good ones).

Here are some snaps Gretchen took on her recent visit:
Like all good markets, Chicago's Christkindlmarket is crowded.

Like all good markets, Chicago’s Christkindlmarket is crowded.


The towering Christmas tree decorated with classic Christmas balls is a highlight of the market.

A collage of the pretty ornaments and decor on offer– most straight from Germany:

Christkindlmarket is open only until Christmas Eve (yes that’s today!) so if you can’t make it this year, put it on your calendar for next winter.

Thanks to Gretchen for sharing her photos!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers who have supported us in this first year!



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  1. Amy 12/30/2014 at 2:06 pm #

    I love that market–I used to go when I lived there! It’s true that the mulled wine is so good there. 🙂

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