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Shopping Tourism:  Are you Missing out on the Next Global Trend?

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Our latest statistics as of October 2015:

  • 135,000+ monthly page views (60%  in the US)
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Don’t underestimate the power of shopping in attracting potential visitors to your destination, accommodation or tour– shopping tourism is the next trend in global travel. In the May 2014 the UN’s WTO Global Report on Shopping tourism detailed the significance of this global phenomenon in a 60 page report. Some of the reports insights:

  • Shopping is now considered a determinant factor affecting destination choice, an important component of the overall travel experience and, in some cases the prime travel motivation.
  • Destinations have thus an immense opportunity to leverage this new market trend by developing authentic and unique shopping experiences that add value to their touristic offer while reinforcing, and even, defining their tourism brand and positioning.
  • More importantly, shopping is one of the major categories of tourists’ expenditure, representing a significant source of income for national economies both directly and through the many linkages to other sectors in the economy.

In the US alone, 76% of all US travelers visiting overseas destinations list shopping as a top recreational activity  Learn how to tap into this often neglected segment by working with us. To see the full report, link here:

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Souvenir Finder: the only resource dedicated to promoting global shopping tourism

Souvenir Finder can help tell the story of your destination, accommodation or tour through the window of shopping tourism. Reach our fast-growing audience of shopping loving travelers.


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