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Souvenir Snapshot: Hollywood Gum from France

Hollywood Gum: a Souvenir from France Inspired by a Souvenir from America You might find yourself doing a double take if you walk past this colorful pack of gum– with the very un-french “Hollywood” emblazoned across the front– in a Parisian market. France developed a taste for American chewing gum during World War II, with […]

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Best French Supermarket Souvenirs From Monoprix

Top 31 French Supermarket Souvenirs to Buy at Monoprix

Monoprix: Cheap Souvenirs in the Heart of Paris, France I’ve been hearing about the wonders of Monoprix in France long before I started this website. Everyone from fashion editors to in-the-know travelers raved about scouring Monoprix for downright cheap inexpensive French souvenirs. But while the bargains are fun, I wanted to see a Monoprix mostly […]

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